TDAI 2200

TDAI 2200The TDAI 2200 true digital integrated amplifier is the most versatile amplifier in our range and in the world. The standard version of the compact 2 x 200W digital control centre can be expanded with analog input module and the outstanding RoomPerfect room correction system.

The TDAI 2200 is a fully digital amplifier from Lyngdorf based on the experience gained during the design of the new Millennium platform. The TDAI 2200 is much more than an amplifier, it is a complete digital signal processing control centre for designing advanced audio systems based around active loudspeakers. Active meaning use of active cross-overs instead of ordinary passive filters.

And don't let the actual size of the product deceive you. The compact design of the TDAI 2200 features a powerful amplifier capable of driving difficult loudspeaker loads effortlessly. Also integrated within is a DSP section with equalization and correction possibilities for speaker position and delay, combined with extreme versatility with regard to processing, making this amplifier an obvious choice for the critical audiophile.

This product replaces simultaneously a D/A converter, a pre-amplifier and a power amplifier, requiring only a CD transport as a source. The TDAI 2200 is full of remarkable features like the adjustable power supply voltage which actually works as the volume control. This ensures you full dynamic range - even when playing at very low volume levels.

The TDAI 2200 is the ultimate combination of tools, toys and audiophile amplification.


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TDAI 2200