RP-1The RP-1 is a standalone room correction processor that can be inserted in any conventional pre-/power amplifier set up. This is the simplest way of removing room-generated anomalies and the fastest way to improve the sonic performance of analogue audio system.

The effect of the RP-1 "Black Box" is magical - however, there is nothing mysterious about why it is so efficient. The "Black Box" simply introduces the world patented RoomPerfect room correction technology to improve the sound in analogue audio systems. In essence, the "Black Box" will improve sound reproduction in any audio system, from basic to very high-end set-ups.

To ensure maximum compatibility and easy connection the RP-1 offers both single ended and balanced inputs/outputs. So, select single ended or balanced in the RP-1 menu and connect it between your pre- and power amplifier - or via a tape loop on your integrated amplifier and you are done!

Even though RoomPerfect is the most sophisticated room correction system on the market it is very simple to use. You donĀ“t need to know anything about acoustics or computers to get the full benefit of RoomPerfect. The menu will guide you through the calibration and everything needed; microphone, stand and cable come included with the RP-1. So, you will be easily up and running in less than - hour!
And bear in mind that we are not just talking "tweaking" here. This device removes the single, most influential obstacle in the quest to achieve the best possible music re-play the room itself.