MP-50 HDMI Upgrade Program

For new and existing MP-50 owners, there is an upgrade program available to change over to the new 2.0b HDMI board, which is standard in the new MP-60 processor. With this upgrade, the MP-50 will support video resolutions up to 4K@60Hz : YCbCr 4:2:2, 600MHz with Dolby Vision on all inputs and outputs (18 Gbps).

Please note: the upgrade requires a full disassembly of the processor, as the HDMI board and the rear and base plates of the processor must be replaced to fit the new board. The processor will be returned with all settings at factory defaults, so remember to keep a back-up for easy re-installation. After the upgrade, the MP-50 will no longer have a built-in video scaler, nor will it be able to show on-screen information (selection of inputs, post-processing, etc.). This information will be displayed only on the product display, in the Installer Menu, and through the Remote application.

If you want to upgrade your MP-50 
You must contact your local dealer, who will handle the process of the upgrade. At the same time, the dealer can state price and procedure.

Find your local Lyngdorf dealer here.


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