Get inspired by our showcases. Read more about audio systems installed in and customized for living room, media room and home theaters.

Living room

FR-1 speakers in living room
Beautiful Lyngdorf solution in few days
MH-2 in living room
Lyngdorf installation with creative sub solution
Clic furniture with CS-2 speaker
A harmonious blend of sound and style

Media room

Luxurious entertainment room
Luxurious entertainment room
Model M and LS installed in mountain home 5
Double Installation In Luxury Mountain Home
Lifestyle picture from UK installation with Model D
Fantastic UK installation raises the bar
Model M installed in California party barn 4
Award-Winning California Party Barn

Home theater

Steinway and Lyngdorf installation
Fantastic Steinway and Lyngdorf installation in Berkshire, UK
Home cinema with Lyngdorf D-500 in-wall speakers
A jaw-dropping sound experience in a D-500 Lyngdorf home cinema
Home cinema in Cambodia with LS-1000 in-wall speakers
Crafting the ultimate sound vision in Cambodia’s heart
Home theater with Model LS and IW in Mumbai City 5
Mumbai Mansion
Dolby Atmos home theater with Model S 4
Breathtaking Dolby Atmos Home Theater
Home cinema in London with Model S 4
Full home theater re-design
Model S installed in Singapore
Discreet Home Stereo System


FR-1 at Emirates stadium
Unique lyngdorf system at emirates stadium
MP-60 in Hong Kong
MP-60 playing in Hong Kong studio
Orchid suite with Model M in Hawaii
Orchid Suite At The Halekulani In Hawaii
Silverscreen theater in California inside
388 seat silverscreen theater
Paradiso theater with Model LS 2
The Ultimate Entertainment Complex


Aspen Rock showroom with Lyngdorf system
Lyngdorf showroom near Dublin
Gecko's showroom in London
Custom Installation In UK Showroom
Echo System's showroom 4
Echo Systems Breathtaking Showroom
Portugese theater with Model S 2
S-Series Perfects Portuguese Theater
Showroom in Ukraine
Beautiful showroom in Ukraine