The Room – The Weakest Link in the Sound Chain

Most high-end products are developed in sonically-ideal listening rooms with optimized dimensions and acoustic treatments. However, in reality, sound systems are installed in authentic living spaces, not sound labs.

Your sound system should be perfect in your environment—and only Lyngdorf Audio can promise it will be. Here’s the situation: all designs of audio electronics and speakers specify a frequency response with 2 or 3 dB—but your room might incur peaks and dips of more than 20 dB throughout the frequencies, which can ruin the performance of even the best audio designs. And here’s the answer: Lyngdorf Audio’s RoomPerfect™, the end product of more than two decades of pioneering audio research and development.

Perfect Sound Through RoomPerfect™

RoomPerfect™ is an intelligent system which not only identifies the characteristics of the sound of your speakers but also requires specific measurements of your room acoustics. It then applies corrections to the signal over a twenty-minute process that leaves you with sound that’s perfectly adapted for the shape, size, and acoustic properties of your room.


Better Sound, Better Design Flexibility

Applying RoomPerfect™ calibration allows you to position your speakers in optimal positions in the room and allows you to design the arrangement that works best for your style. If you position a box-speaker against the wall, for example, you will enjoy a tighter bass and a higher efficiency from the speaker. RoomPerfect™ allows you to clean imperfections in the frequency response related to the positioning against the wall.


Read more about RoomPerfect™ here.


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